Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Grant work

I am in Florida for the month of January. Enjoying the warm weather, a break from the Minnesota winter. And I am writing grants while here which are both a challenge and a pleasure. A challenge because I struggle with words to describe my self and my work. A pleasure because when I have finally pushed that button to submit the grant, I know that I have grown a bit in the process of finding the right words to describe why I am painting abstractly to describe the every day scenes that are all around us.

Here is an older piece that I have always liked. Mostly because it came to its finish without any second and third thoughts.

Super Moon
Cold wax and oil on a canvas panel 8x10 inches

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

More cold wax abstract paintings.

I am participating in Shop Small Saturday the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It was quite successful for me last year and since I have used up all my slush fund for a workshop that I went to in September, it is time to replenish it.  I will open my studio for any one who is shopping on that day. Last year I made 20 or so small paintings that I could sell for $20. A nice price point for a gift for a friend or for ones self. I have the same goal this year but this time I want to make small abstract landscapes. Colorful sun sets and sun rises. Hope they go well. I also have some other abstracts that should sell well. The colors are bright and fun. I need to either frame them or mount them on a panel. Planning and working is the agenda the next couple of months.
One of a series inspired by a visit to the Chihuly Museum.

 A spring time view of a lake

Shore view inspired by our month in Florida

Another sea shore, this one is framed in a black frame and is hanging in our bath room. It may not get sold this year. 

I Did Win!

My last entry was called Winning! and I must have been sending out more good vibes than I thought! Because the painting, "The Balm of Rain," was accepted at the Prairie Lakes Regional Show and the juror awarded it 4th place. I will receive a cash prize also.  Cool. The opening is Friday night, October 7, but I have had the opportunity to see the painting hung at the show. I got a prime spot in the gallery too. Winning!

This image is a crop of the larger painting. I love the textures I can get with the cold wax. I added some ground marble to the paint to make it thicker and able to make sweet textures.

Friday, September 30, 2016


 I submitted my cold wax and oil painting " Balm of Rain" to the Prairie Lakes Regional Art Show. It was accepted and received a 4th place award.  A nice surprise. I receive lots of questions, Is cold wax the same as encaustic painting. No, encaustic requires heat. Cold wax is just that cold. And so easy and fun to work with. It is really just different medium to use with oil paint.
Here is a description.

These photos are of another finished painting that I submitted to the Prairie Lakes show, Sunshowers. I include two close ups so you can get an idea of the heavy texture I included in the painting.  The shadow  lines are from blinds in the window. The sun was shining over the texture showing it off.